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Hike In Hawaii 


Our mission is to spread awareness about health and to educate on lifestyle strategies to prevent and reverse chronic illness, as well as optimize health. We do this by providing you with your daily dose of the #1 Turmeric in the world sourced right from our luscious family farm in Hawaii. As a yogi health-conscious entrepreneur, James found a way to deliver the healthy 2 oz shots on-the-go made with love and 100% organic fresh ingredients. In 2020, James started “Elixir Shots” from his home-base in Newport Beach, CA. He oversees every step of the process, from mixing each shot in handcrafted batches and sourcing the ingredients locally from organic fruit and vegetables in Orange County and Hawaii. James partner Lina is a Life-Style Medicine Family Physician. She has instilled many health habits in James such as introducing him to a Whole Plant-Based diet and much more. He feels 10x better to say the least and is forever grateful. When Lina isn't busy practicing preventative medicine to ensure people don't have to go to the hospital, she is crafting the most delicious tasty, healthy recipes. Elixir Shots hopes to teach the public about the benefits of juice in an every day diet.  The benefits of juicing include a regulated, nourished colon, increased energy and stamina, increased mental clarity, better sleep patterns, radiant complexion, healthy hair and nails and feeling of lightness.  The goal of Elixir Shots is to not only promote these concepts, but also make them into a reality through customer satisfaction and revelation.  We also hope to prove that our juices are made not only fresher than other juice companies, but also prove that they are made from the best ingredients offered in the area. 
% of the proceeds go to a non-profit which is dedicated to helping abused and neglected children. Help us change the world 1 shot at a time. 


Elixir Shots isnt just a company it’s a lifestyle. We believe if you eat healthier, exercise, and meditate, you can achieve your full potential, mentally, physically and most importantly reduce your reliance on medication and improve overall quality of life.
This is more than business. It's personal. James has encountered many of his own health challenges and those of loved ones so we make whole organic plant-based healthy drinks on the go for themselves and their families. 
Elixir Shots is first step to healthy success! The body has incredible capability to heal itself, it just needs the right tools and support. 







Address: 2618 San Miguel Dr. Ste. 520
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Phone: +1 866 397 7865

Hours: M-F 9am-4pm PST